Applied Engineering Letters

The Association of Intellectuals for the Development of Science in Serbia – ″The Serbian Academic Center″ from 2016, publishes a scientific journal Applied Engineering Letters. The scientific journal Applied Engineering Letters is published in 4 issues per year in print form (ISSN 2466-4677) and electronic form
(e-ISSN 2466-4847). So far, the scientific journal has been referenced in 24 electronic databases.

The scientific journal Applied Engineering Letters publishes original and review articles covering the concepts of Applied Mechanics, Fluids Engineering, Thermodynamics, Energy and Environment, Renewable Energy Sources, Energy Efficiency, Mechatronics and Robotics, Material Science, Tribology, Machine Design, Productional, Industrial, Agricultural Engineering, Mechanization, Applied and Industrial Mathematics.

Editorial policy is based on the application of the highest standards and procedures necessary for the publication of scientific papers. Members of the editorial board and reviewers of the scientific journal Applied Engineering Letters are prominent world scientists, which contributes to the publication of quality works and the recognition of the scientific journal.